After the listing in “Atlas Gute Lehre” (atlas for good teaching) as a good practice example for excellence in teaching we were nominated by a top-level jury to the Austrian Ministry for Education, Science and Research. On June 25th 2018 our international project was awarded the „Ars Docendi – Federal award for excellence in teaching“.

At the Ars Docendi Award in Vienna: the vice-rector of the Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) Andreas Janko, Elisabeth Katzlinger (JKU) Michael A. Herzog (Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences) Martin Stabauer (JKU) and Johann Höller, head of the Institute for Digital Business (JKU) (from left to right)

The CrossTeaching study with over 850 participants explores several learning setting in which students work together online with collaborative tools. Through different learning scenarios the students experience the reality of working in a globalized economy, improve their digital literacy and media competency. Resulting from the findings of the study about the impact and function of difference online and technical enhanced learning scenarios further instruments of quality development are developed. Besides aiming to improve the didactical and professional dimensions the projects also tries to enhance diversity and interculturality. With a total amount of 7.000€ the learning scenario for inquiry-based learning was rewarded in the category “concepts and examples in the area of cooperative forms of learning and working across different institutions and sectors of higher education. More information in German can be find at