About Cross Teaching

In a transnational cooperation a variety of courses between two universities was interlaced with collaborative media and accompanied by a survey of more then 900 participants. A learning situation has been created for students that is close to the reality of virtual collaboration in globalised companies, that promotes media competency and that nevertheless pursues an academic claim. The setting was accompanied mainly by asynchronous media. Interregional study groups developed and documented case studies for e-business issues in a wiki and presented them at each location.

The current goal of the study – amongst others – is the collection of data on learning styles, performance measurement and a quantitative as well as qualitative survey of the participants in order to make statements about the effect of various online-supported learning scenarios (i.e., case study, peer review, game-based methods) for different student groups.

In addition to the didactic and professional dimension the project aims to promote diversity and interculturalism.