Cross Teaching

Heading for Athens in November

We have been selected to present the CrossTeaching project at the 17th European Conference on e-Learning (ECEL) in November in Athens, Greece. We will be participating in the final round for the 2018 e-Learning Excellence Awards. To take part we submitted a paper that describes the development of CrossTeaching and how we manage interuniversity research-based […]

by ctadmin • September 6, 2018
Cross Teaching

Interuniversity Research-based Learning in Virtual Teams.

Since winter 2010 we’ve been developing several learning settings that s(t)imulates virtual collaboration for global jobs. We want to make students contributors to the virtual/global working world. Therefore we address higher levels of Blooms taxonomy: Apply – Analyze – Evaluate – Create. With our evaluation of these learning scenarios (n>900) we could proof that this […]

by ctadmin • Mai 10, 2018
Cross Teaching

Featured project by Austrian »Atlas gute Lehre«

As CrossTeaching project and its research evolved over time we became listed and described as a „Good Practice“ example for excellence in teaching. This resulted in a nomination for the federal award „Ars Docendi 2017“. More information in German language could be find at

by Michael Herzog • Mai 5, 2018
Cross Teaching

Reflecting Peer Reviews in Inquiry Based Learning Scenarios

On April 24th 2018 we were presenting our newest work about online peer review in teaching and learning at 17th International Conference on Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training (IEEE ITHET). An Analysis of Peer Feedback Levels and their Implementation In an inquiry-based learning scenario where students write a scientific paper in an interuniversity learning group, […]

by Michael Herzog • April 30, 2018